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Web Conferencing Services

Share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop. Get people together from around the world without the cost of travel. Share your screen an application or your entire desktop. Use custom URL’s and the same URL for your meeting every time. Record your meeting for playback in the future.

  •  Web Conferencing Services – Zoom


    • Zoom offers the following services
      • Multi Device usability Enable quick adoption with a multitude of devices that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate.

    o   Connect up to 300 participants to join meetings or classes

    • Share microphones, cameras, computer screens (multiple computers screens can be shared side by side for collaborations and comparisons.
    • Private and public chat
    • Polling
    • Record meetings or classes
    • Machine based closed captioning with a high accuracy and ability to edit transcripts
    • ZoomGuide-3.pdf

Currently, Minnesota State is managing zoom services, it is linked to StarID, students and employees can login using StarID. SHOT provides support to Zoom issues contact Scott Haken at 507.537.6984 or at

NOTE:  There will be a 1-year limit on archived information. recordings also get stored in Kaltura for a longer period of time



Last Modified: 6/23/22 7:43 AM