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Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities!

You invested in us; now let us invest in you.

Even graduate students need help covering the cost of their education. Here at Southwest Minnesota State University, we offer scholarships for  those seeking a master's degree, including the district partner scholarships, online scholarships, our graduate loyalty scholarship, donors for specific program scholarships, along with other opportunities such as the graduate assistantship program. There are many opportunities to check out to help assist with the cost of graduate education.  And weather you live in Minnesota or not, we charge only the in-state tuition rate.  So take some time to click on the opportunities below and see if any interest you:

District Partner Scholarship's:

Learning Community Scholarship

***Below are some of our scholarships receivers!*


Brainerd District Partner Scholarship

Andrea Parrington, Sam Olson, Tonya Dill, Jeanne Kilian, Sara Ehalt, Tanka Clement

Pequot Lakes

Pequot Lakes District Partner Scholarship

Kerry Holubar, April Kinney, Kayla Reed, Liz Wallace


Pillager District Partner Scholarship 

Cortney Kroska, Kori Anderson, Kellie Klimek, Missy Koel

Online Graduate Education Scholarship

Loyalty Scholarship

M.S. in Education Scholarships

M.S. in Nursing Scholarships

Graduate Assistantship Information

    • Students seeking funding for their graduate degree should consider a graduate assistantship. Graduate Assistants receive a stipend and tuition waiver during their appointment. Typical assignments might be serving in a specific office or department within the university. 
    • For more information, click Graduate Assistant Information

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