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Types of Conference Calls

Meet-Me: How it Works

Meet-Me Conference Calls

Cisco IP Phone 7960/7940 supports Meet-Me conferences. A Meet-Me conference allows other callers to dial into the conference call. A Meet-Me conference requires a special conference number which is configured by your system administrator.

To establish a Meet-Me Conference call:

1. Press the more soft key twice to display the Meet-Me tab.
2  Press the Meet-Me soft key.
3. Dial the Meet-Me conference number.
4. Follow the voice instructions to establish the Meet-Me conference.

To join a Meet-Me conference, dial the Meet-Me conference number provided by the Meet-Me conference initiator. You are connected to the conference once the conference initiator has dialed in and established the conference.

Note: To join a Meet-me conference, you do not need to press the Meet-Me soft key on the Cisco IP Phone 7960/7940.

A conference continues even if the conference controller hangs up.

To Place a Conference Call on the Cisco IP Phone 7940

  1. During a call, press the More soft key and then the ConFrn soft key. This will automatically select a new line and place the other party on hold.
  2. Place a call to another number.
  3. When the call connects, press ConFrn again to add this party to the conference call.

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