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Web Conferencing Services--Adobe Connect

Share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop. Get feedback from participants using polls. Get people together from around the world without the cost of travel or the hassles of plug-in downloads. Share your screen with three different options; share a window, an application or your entire desktop. Use custom URL’s and the same URL for your meeting every time. Record your meeting for playback in the future. Additional information can be found at

Abode Connect accounts are avaliable for employees of the SHOT, COMET, METNET regions. If you have questions please send an e-mail to or call 507-537-6984 and ask for Scott Haken or Denise Jesse.

Adobe Connect Instructions

Currently, SHOT is managing Adobe Connect, it is linked to StarID and employees in the SHOT, COMET, METNET regions can log in using their StarID. SHOT has 300 concurent user licenses and one seminar room license capable of hosting up to 100 guests, the seminar room is avaliable uppon request.  Adobe Connect information can be aquired through Denise Jesse or Scott Haken at 507.537.6984 or #1003 on your IP phone or at

NOTE:  There will be a 2-year limit on archived information.

System Requirements for Adobe Connect

Compatible Operating Systems Include:
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.5 & above.

Note: Operating systems need to have the latest service packs & patches

Internet Connection Requirements:
Adobe Connect requires a high speed internet connection; this includes DSL, Cable, and Satellite. Please note that an unstable internet connection will result in degradation of video and voice quality.

Other Software Needs:
Your computer will need the newest version of Flash Player installed

Web Browser Requirements:
Any web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) with flash player should work

Peripheral Device Recommendations:
Video -If you wish to share video you will need a web camera.

Audio - If you wish to use a microphone it is strongly recommended to use a head set. If a desktop mic or built in mic is used instead of a head set it will create echo issues for the rest of the users. Try to keep the sensitivity level of the desktop mic low and point any desktop speakers away from the mic.

For more details and instructions, please see Solutions & Support below.

Solutions & Support


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